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Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves

Matthew 12:10

We believe in Spiritual Growth through Authentic Community

A Discovery Group is 10 to 12 people who gather weekly to encourage, challenge, and care for one another for the purpose of becoming fully devoted followers of Christ.
Discovery Groups are one way that we “do life together”. It’s tough to have deep relationships by merely attending an event like a church service. That’s where life groups come in. Real relationships are built out of shared experiences: meals together, conversations, adventures, serving others together, being there for each other when a need arises, and creating memories together. As we follow Christ TOGETHER, ‘iron sharpens iron’ friendships emerge and true discipleship takes place.
It is more than just a Sunday thing.
 This means that as a group we’re actively growing in our relationship with God through worship, Bible study, and obedience. Together we are learning what it means to follow Jesus and live out his teaching.
 Discovery Groups are so much more than sitting in a circle confessing our deep, dark secrets. We need to be real and authentic with each other, but those relationships come through a life lived together. This means we take time to have fun, eat together, and share stories from our lives. Bible study is important, but so are trips to a park, weekend hikes, and barbeques.
 As in nature, anything living is either growing or dying. Therefore, it is important that our life groups continue growing by reproducing. We can do this by always being open to new people. This is a life characterized by hospitality: we care for the people we are with and constantly welcome others. It isn’t a forced thing, and there are no time lines or systems here. For, as we’re living life together, we’ll naturally want to invite others along on our journey. This also means that at some points along the way, we’ll be led to release people out from our group to start new groups and continue the process of growing.
 This means tangible ways of living out and spreading Christ’s love by serving our communities and engaging with non-Christians in real friendships on a regular basis. The possibilities here are endless…from active involvement in a local school to preparing meals for someone in need, but the goal is to make service a way of life.

discovery Groups

We are relaunching Discovery Groups September 5th, 2021!

Pastor JJ and Brandi Hefley

"Meet and Cheese"
2nd & 4th Sundays @6 PM
Meet & Cheese is a group dedicated to help disciple people from all walks of life. No matter what your background is, come share a meal and fellowship every 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month at 6:30 pm in Kathleen GA.

JT and Bekah VanHove

"Faith and Marriage"
1st Sundays at 5pm
Join us on the 1st Sunday each month for fellowship and relationship building with a focus on faith based marriage and parenting! Children are welcome.

Arwen and Ben Gingerich

"Life House"
1st & 3rd Thursdays @6-8 PM
This small group will consist of a Bible study and great potluck food. Our goal is to help bring answers that we don't have in our lives now, get us to think through what Scripture is saying not just read it, and learn how to live free from legalism.

Tim and Ashley Philbrick

"Raising Disciples"
Every Friday at 6:30pm
In our group, Raising Disciples, we are looking to form a community of support and encouragement with other families who have young children. The group will meet at Christ Chapel Youth Center with plenty of room for our youngsters to play! Our families will meet weekly, on Friday nights at 6:30 PM. Children are welcome. 

Christina Forbus

Gab And Games
Gab & Games will meet monthly on the third Saturday of the month at 4:30pm to play various board and card games. We will be gabbing about God's word and our life goals and experiences. Join the fun in a relaxed atmosphere with a community of ladies.

Arwen and Alex

"It's A Hard Knock Life"
2nd Sundays at 6pm
This is a group for young ladies, married or single, who crave fellowship with women their age. We recognize life can be full of obstacles and this group will provide a break from the stresses of life and support where you need it most. Come join us every 2nd Sunday of the month for a time of community and encouragement from the pages of Scripture!

Jan and Cecil Pardue
"Life Matters"
Every other Tuesday from 6-8pm

Life Matters is an all ages and walks of life community that joins
together to encourage, celebrate, and support one another.
Whether you're an empty-nester, fresh into college, or a senior
adult, everyone has something to offer here! Life Matters happens
every other Tuesday from 6-8pm in Perry, GA

Daniel Garratt
"Young Adults"
Bi-Weekly Either Tuesday or Thursday at 7pm

This small group is designed for young adults. This season of life can be filled with many challenges surrounding purpose, relationships, or direction. Join us as we form community and explore what the Bible has to say about our struggles.

Khaliyah Taylor

GRL PWR is a small group designed for teenage girls to be empowered to live for God in this generation! We will pray for one another, dive deeper into Scripture, build close relationships, and challenge one another in the faith. We will meet every other Saturday evening at 5PM.

Brian Taylor
"Fields of Faith"

Fields of Faith is a small group for those who love sports and Jesus. We will play various sports each week, and grab food afterwards most weeks. Come for fellowship, sports, and Jesus!

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