Lisa Johnson

lisa johnsonLisa has been on staff since 2010. She and her husband, Don, have been married for over 21 years. They have 3 sons, Alex, Warren, and Dylan.

Lisa penned these words. “In 2003, the USAF transferred us from the United Kingdom to Robins Air Force Base, and we were in search of a church. We found Christ Chapel to be home, a safe place where we could grow in our faith walk and watch our boys develop their own individual relationships with God. In the past ten years of being a part of the Christ Chapel team I have served in Nursery, Children’s, Youth, Women’s, Hopitality, Intercessory Prayer and Office Administration. Christ Chapel has been the place where I’ve been free to let go of fears, question what I believe, discover who I am in Christ and become who He has called me to be. I love this place, and my family loves this place! It’s outrageous that God allows me to go to church everyday to have fun, watch others discover Him and truly know what being the Body means. I believe nothing is coindidence. Every moment in your life God has His hands on you, and with every moment, He is working all things together for His glory.”

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